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Physical Education

Physical Education is essential in helping students develop a sense of what is required to ensure they lead a healthy active lifestyle, not only now during their school years but also as they develop in to the adults of tomorrow.

Gaining, understanding, and applying the principles of a health active lifestyle in their everyday lives.

Physical Education plays a vital role within the development of students allowing them to develop vital skills needed for the workplace including communication and leadership skills, teamwork, decision making, discipline, working under pressure and patience.

PE also enables students to be creative with problem solving, reflective and critically thinking about their own performances both positively and how best to develop and improve further.

Within PE, students are able to assume a number of different roles including performer, official, coach or leader helping them to develop a deeper understanding of each role or future pathway they may wish to take, whilst also developing a wide variety of skills and techniques within the sports or activities they are participating in. Physical Education can lead to a wide variety of exciting career prospects in a comprehensive range of industries.






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