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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Why work for Chiltern Academy?

This is what our staff say about working at Chiltern...

“Working at Chiltern Academy is a dream. From an excellent support system provided to us by our SLT to being a part of shaping and building futures for all our bright and budding students, Chiltern Academy has been nothing short of a delight."

"I love working at Chiltern Academy. Not only is it a supportive environment to develop your teaching skills, it is a great place with some incredible students. Both the staffs and students are incredibly welcoming and I can't imagine working in any other school."

"The NQT program at The Chiltern Academy has provided me the support I needed and the opportunity to thrive in my specialism."

"I am thrilled to have created a challenging, achievable and enjoyable scheme of work which is aligned to both real world careers and the GCSE specification."

What Chiltern will offer…

We will support our colleagues in their professional development to help them progress in their career.

Our leadership team will support all staff achieve their career goals. We will provide information and opportunities for staff to pursue their own professional development.

Our staff are supported so they can maximize pupil outcomes and life chances. At Chiltern our staff are aspirational, well informed, effective and forward thinking professionals. To develop this CPD is about meeting individual needs and skills. As a whole school body, our CPD is based around research and working on new ideas to help pupils get the best education possible.

CPD is served to support the School to achieve its developmental aims in each given year, support the professional development of all staff and support any member of staff who has been identified as being in need of professional development support.  As a School, we offer all Staff the opportunity to undertake continuing professional development, relevant to the School Improvement Plan, their Departmental Development Plan and their own personal professional development as identified primarily in their Performance Management Review.

We have created a CPD pathway to help staff recognise the support and opportunities for them to progress in their careers.


Mentoring, induction, trust CPD,


Mentoring others, coaching, ITP, OTP

Asst. Teaching and learning lead

Asst. Head of year,/house

Mentor others, chair meetings, department CPD, opportunity to work on whole school initiatives.

Teaching and learning leads, Head of year/house

Cross-curricular support. Whole school CPD, work with SLT, opportunities to attend leadership programmes.

Asst. Headteacher /SLT/SLE

Lead on whole school policies, School to school support, work on the school development and improvement plan, to lead CPD and whole school initiatives.

Expert roles within the school/